Parkour Mapping Project

Breaking the Urban Code is a research project that was developed in the University of Liverpool’s school of architecture to examine the relationship between human movement and the design of cities.

The study builds upon research into the relationship between architecture and Parkour carried out by the Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group and the film maker Kaspar Astrup Schröder and their documentary entitled my playground.

For the purpose of this study we are looking for individuals that have an active interest in interacting with the built environment, consequently we have a particular interest in working with practitioners of Parkour/ Freerunning and architecture students. The purpose of the study is to understand how real life experiences can contribute to the building design process. The study is also intended to highlight the benefits of the Parkour and Freerunning disciplines and the potential that these activities have for enhancing the quality of urban life.

Details of the exercise

Participants involved with the study will be asked to take a journey across a city, travelling from one destination to another taking whichever route they wish to choose and taking as long as perceived as necessary. Participants are given no further instructions other than that and will not be given a map or directions as they are expected to act in a manner which is natural to them. Consequently there is no set amount time for the study to be completed within and participants are given the freedom to stop on the way wherever and whenever they wish. Please note, during the exercise participants will be filmed in order to record the observations made by the research team.  It is important that participants are also aware that there will be no correct way of completing the exercise as it is intended to be a personal and enjoyable experience.

Following the journey participants will be asked a series of brief questions relating to the experience that they encountered during the journey. Participants will be given the opportunity to talk about the story of the trip in as much detail as they wish and are free to provide photos, video films, drawings or anything else that helps with discussing what happened.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Michael Otchie (


One thought on “Parkour Mapping Project

  1. Hi Michael
    It’s Andrea from Growing Granby….just stumbled over your contact then your blog. Love this parkour mapping work! It’s a shame I dont do any parkour but I have some photos of 2 lads outside the World Museum jumping from bench to bins take over a year ago if that’s any use to you?! Hope the course is going well!

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